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About Us

EULEVEN is a home appliances brand, established by skilled and innovative family members by living in Taiwan but making products for both developed and developing countries around the globe.  The brand name shows a care and love for its domestic and foreign customers with higher moral values. Eu is an English prefix, representing "beautiful", Leven means "life" in the European language and this combination shows that how much we are concerned in research and development (R & D) before supplying the products for our customers in the market. We have been making a variety of things very successfully since 2015, e.g. massage and bodybuilding, cleaning, office, cosmetology and medical care tools and machines. EULEVEN has the best quality control SOP managed by specialized team members to ensure that every unit meets the ISO-9001 and ISO-13485 Medical Appliance standards.

The slogan of EULEVEN is ‘Live a Beautiful & worth Life” to enhance the quality, designs, and efficiency of our products in simple words. The uniqueness of EULEVEN is to running the business by young and highly educations people with advanced and useful techniques to fulfill the demands of each customer. Miss & Mrs. Xu take personal care in their business and supporting different multinational companies to buy our customized home appliances to spread the message of a better life in the world at affordable cost.

Since 2015, the excellent feedback of EULEVEN brand customers has enabled us to expand our business both in European and American markets because the daily life creative and healthy products have become the need of everyone and we understand what to make for a healthy life in this modern and scientific world! The professional staff is always available to assist our customers to get best things through effective communication skills both online and offline platforms.


We aim to manufacture and supplying exceptional home appliances for both Taiwan and international customers, which are not only economical but will also innovative and healthy qualities for all users.


To analyze the international trends and demands for home appliances for making new and friendly products to get a high position amongst the top home appliances brands.


We are committed to

  1. Selling best quality products
  2. Offering prospective services for our clients
  3. Taking care of our customers’ satisfaction and their feedback
  4. Discouraging every type of discrimination over the globe
  5. Spreading love, care and healthy smiles in the world.